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July 1st, 2007 (09:00 am)

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Last of the Time Lords

OMFG!!! That was absolutely fantastic. I actually watched it twice last night; when it was on at 7pm, and then later once the podcast commentary had downloaded (as it was Russell, Julie and Phil!) and then watched it all again.

John Simm as The Master was fantabulous!! I knew he was last week, and I am ashamed to not have written an entry about it, cos I was really excited about it then, but I was just feeling so ill!!

So here are my highlights over the last 3 episodes (Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords):

[x] The Fob Watch!! I got so excited when I saw that!

[x] Regeneration - "ooh new voice...hello! hello!"

[x] "End of the universe!! Have fun!! Bye bye!!"

[x] "What this country really needs, right now, is a DOCTOR!!"

[x] "It's a gas mask!"


[x] "I can't decide whether you should live or die..." (Had to say that I loved this routine so so much, that I wasn't really caring about the Doctor! oops!)

[x] Martha vs The Master - a girl got the better of him again!!

[x] The Master's death...how sad! "I refuse...I win!" And he did, cos the Doctor saved everyone else except the Time Lord!


But Martha!!! What's happening to her?!?! I know from listening to the podcast last night that they're going to make an announcement about Martha tomorrow so I will be constantly looking on BBC website when I'm at work to find out what, cos I really like her and the rest of the Joneses!!

The funniest thing that I did yesterday though was go on the BBC's Doctor Who website, and read the 'Fear Factor' reviews for each episode - basically comments from 4 kids (6,8,10,14), and was ashamed to see that for many episodes, their reactions were the same as mine! Though I doubt they appreciated John Simm the way that I did! :p

So with all the crap that's happening at the moment in the UK, I'm focusing on the good things!!

And so yes I am listening to the Scissor Sisters' 'I Can't Decide' now :)


Posted by: Helen (supernaturalhel)
Posted at: July 1st, 2007 09:43 am (UTC)

I really enjoyed it too! John Simm is a master in every sense of the word! And yeah, I loved the whole "Cant decide if you should live or die" routine too- The Master is fucking nuts!!

Captin Jack as the face of Boe! Well who would've thought!! Whoever would have guessed! Amazing! If only i could remember what happened to the Face of boe- he died, but i cant remember how!!

I really loved the idea of Martha walking the world, creating a legend by telling her story. The woman who can kill the Master dead! So brilliant!

And the doctor- after he'd been zapped, in that little cage! I want one! I want a pet doctor! So bloody cute!

The death scene just about killed me dead too! So emotional. You just know that there was a time when the two were firm friends, before the master went all power hungry and crazy. You know that the doctor always hoped he would be able to save him, as he has saved everyone else. The sheer lonliness of being the last of his kind, doomed to wonder forever alone.

I really like the character of Martha! I hope they dont lose her for good.

The crimbo ep looks fun!

Posted by: Emma (cheekymonkey227)
Posted at: July 1st, 2007 11:41 am (UTC)

I've just been watching the "I Can't Decide" bit again and again...and I'm even gonna have it as my new ringtone, cos it is fantastic!!

But when he died...that was so sad! He was even more upset about that, despite all the shit he put everyone through, then when Rose went...which was good!! :)

Face of Boe died in Gridlock (3rd episode of this series)...he gave his life to save new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new(?) york!! Tht's when he said "you are not alone".

And I listened to the podcast last night, and Russell, Julie and Phil said they're going to announce something about Martha tomorrow...I hope she stays, cos I really like her! The Master underestimated her when he compared her to Rose, but even she stood up and showed that she was so much better!! :)

Posted by: Elz (devilzsoup)
Posted at: July 1st, 2007 10:25 am (UTC)

dude that was absolutely awesome!! and this is the first dr who series i watched all the way thru and i loved every episode!

i hope they bring martha back too - she's loads better than billie piper. i even wanted her to end up with the doctor!! awww and cpn jack being the face of boe! hehe i was like aww wow! anyways i cant wait til xmas - il have to watch it online or something coz il be in stupid canada and unable to watch it (poohsticks)!

have to say though i hope i wasnt the only crazy person to think 'hmmm i cant decide between the doctor and the master... :O THREESOME!' lolololololol oh come on i bet you thought that too ;P

oh and did u think that the really really old doctor looked a bit like voldemort pre-cauldron-regeneration? man i got farrrrr too involved with the whole thing!! lol

Posted by: Emma (cheekymonkey227)
Posted at: July 1st, 2007 11:33 am (UTC)

Best thing is that Doctor Who is actually made with Canadian Broadcasting, so don't know if you'd see it at Christmas, but you would get to see it!!

have to say though i hope i wasnt the only crazy person to think 'hmmm i cant decide between the doctor and the master... :O THREESOME!' lolololololol oh come on i bet you thought that too ;P

of course i did!! :p but have to say John Simm rawr...even my mum was like "you know he's better than the doctor!" - I even got her watching these last 3 episodes cos she loves John Simm too!! :)


Posted by: Elz (devilzsoup)
Posted at: July 1st, 2007 12:44 pm (UTC)

hehehe i know u too well :P john simm IS cute but i still prefer the doctor for pure geekiness. its the glasses *girly squee*

but yeah id noticed the canadian broadcasting thing. woo! well they get corrie so maybe il get dr who eventually too!!

Posted by: Rachel - The Strawberry Blanchmange (dk2022)
Posted at: July 3rd, 2007 12:46 am (UTC)
DT - Finger mouth hmm

:: Is actually glad Martha's gone :: I seem to be the only one... (I don't trust medical doctors. Nurses are fine, doctors... at least the ones I know, are evil, and unfortunatly it went to Martha... And her manner and voice pissed me off)... Anyways! :D [/random Martha bashing]

Have they actually said that the Master is well and truly dead? Cause I don't think he is... Why have such a close up of the hand with red fingernails picking up his ring?

That regeneration totally rocked!!! :D John Simm is god :: Directs Emma to the post she wrote just now about the ep, and how John Simm rocks!!! :D ::

Ok, just read the News section of Doctor Who's webpage... At least there won't be as much of her... I think I can deal with that. :)

[/random jibbering]

Rach xxx

Posted by: Emma (cheekymonkey227)
Posted at: July 3rd, 2007 05:46 pm (UTC)

yup lot less of Martha now she's off to Torchwood for a bit (couldn't really get into that!) but Kylie in Xmas Special...hmmmm...

I don't know about the whole getting to chose about regeneration, and I read something about him being able to regenerate from ashes...I dunno. But the ring is significant, and the fingers must belong to his faithful companion so hmmm...

but John Simm!! Love love LOVE him!! Loved him in Life on Mars, and even more now as a bad guy!! In a suit!!

Right off to read your post and probably comment on that now...


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